By Wilco Alsemgeest on 2020-03-09 12:10 in Operations


On February 17th, 2020 the Elections results for Joomla Group 2 were published.

For Operations this meant that Radek Suski took over the role from Hugh Douglas-Smith, who took the responsibility over the Legal & Finance Department.

Radek and Hugh have been working hard for a week to do a complete handover on the ongoing task, information sharing and other important actions, which made it possible for both parties to start on the new role on February 24, 2020.

As allowed within the organizational structure and bylaws Radek took the opportunity to select an Assistant Department Coordinator (Wilco Alsemgeest) who would be involved in all aspects of the Department Coordination work, to be able to support him whenever needed and knows what is going.

The rest of the report consists of information over a period of 4 weeks, structured in topics and not necessarily on timeline.

Research / Analysis activities:

The last 4 weeks Wilco has been performing research activities within the organization mainly related to Operations, to get a better understanding of all the things going on, where possible bottlenecks are and how to improve those aspects.

The research and analysis activities consisted of meetings with other members of the community like, Michael, Sandra, Roland, Rowan, Luca, Hugh, Harald, Marco, the Webmasters Team and many others who we forgot to mention (Thanks for all the time and effort).

The most important conclusion was that (as mentioned by Michael in the past) the lack of multi-tenancy when talking about actions needed to be performed on a regular basis, which basically meant that the organization was relying on one person, which can bring different types of risks.

Another conclusion was that many of the Operational things happening within the organization weren't really documented and therefore available for multiple people to take any action when having certain escalations or just when a team member has specific questions.

Last but not least that there are multiple old not maintained services and systems who weren't phased out while new better solutions already were implemented within the structure.

Systems (parts), Status and Actions:

The trigger for many actions:

One of the first necessary meetings happened openly within the community glip chat (around February 14), where once again it became clear that we really need to work together to make everything a success. While most of the time is just a discussion and nobody really stands up to take the bull by its horns, this time it was different.

With support from Roland and the efforts by Michael we were able to start defining the different parts within our infrastructure and work on documenting the relationships, requirements, instructions and more.

Parts defined:

  • Documentation
  • VPN Server
  • Jenkins
  • Joomlacode
  • shortener
  • Vault
  • Feedburner
  • Other topics.


The few documents available where spread around the systems, the rest of the things known were in the mind of the volunteers.

We could have chosen to use the available GSuite system, but instead we used the thing we are good at "Joomla!" to build a documentation system, which also has the future capabilities to centrally manage certain parts of the rest of the systems.

VPN Server:

The VPN is running an older version of the OS, with the latest version of the VPN software.

Harald has stepped up to take care of the OS and perform a full upgrade to the latest version and defining the actions needed every month to keep a specific OS up-to-date.

Wilco has converted all accounts from General to Personal and documented all known information.


This is a continuous integration platform. Right now it is used to build the CMS nightly packages and push out updates for a number of the .org subdomains.
The details will need to be analyzed, documented and the future usage will be defined.


The current but very old system for the translations of the CMS, one which needs to be dismantled and will not be used anymore for the Joomla 4 translations.

Production is working on a complete new way of managing and distributing the translations, while at the same time providing a history of the translations for the current versions. shortener:

The system used to provide short URLs to specific parts within our properties (E.g. to a Volunteers Portal Report). The system is running a somewhat outdated version, an upgrade will be planned and documentation created.


To ensure we always run an up to date software and to reduce the administration and maintenance work, the team is working to replace the current Vault system with an online service.

Other topics:

Other topics are also being analyzed, discussed and documented, topics like;

CDN, Downloads Site, Update Site, DNS Structure, Mail distribution, System backups. J4 Template, Feedburner and many more.