By Wilco Alsemgeest on 2020-03-12 22:50 in Operations

Operations Department Meeting
March 11, 2020 - 15:00-16:30 UTC

Participants: Radek Suski, Wilco Alsemgeest, Olaf Offick, Sander Potjer Anibal Sanchez
Apologies: Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall, Sebastian Lapoux, Deb Cinkus, Luca Marzo

Discussion points: 

  1. General:
    • Operations Google Drive folder
      This folder is for the DC, TL & ATL of all teams within Operations.
      A sub-folder can be created per team with specific access for the team members. Request has been made to all team leaders to use this folder for storing all documents. It would ease all transitions in the future.

    • Survey
      An 2020 Operations Planning Inventorisation survey will be sent by the DC to the TL/ATL of each team, this will help our department to make plans for this year.

    • Volunteers Portal
      Every team leader will check the current setup on the VP to make sure it displays the correct team structure (members). The teams will do an TL & ATL (re-)election where required. The volunteers portal team is currently working on implementing functionality (reminders) into the portal. It would help us to comply with the bylaws.

    • Sprints
      At this moment no team besides the JED team have a need for sprint in the current budget year. The JED team and department sprint are dependent on information from the board about the current budget.

    • VET Membership
      We were asked if an Operations member (specifically webmaster) could join the VET team. For the moment we see no reason to be part of this team, because the VET and any other team have multiple methods to get in touch with the Webmasters and Jaz is already part of both teams.

    • Properties / Domain Guideline
      The team will work on a proposal to have an official guideline which defines when, why and how new and/or existing Joomla Properties are structured.
      This should make sure that we make educated decisions on when a complete new website is required / needed.

  2. Teams:

    • Infrastructure
      We discussed the need of a specific "Infrastructure" team and we agreed this is not needed as we can add members to the "Webmasters" team with a specific infrastructure related responsibility.

    • Identity & Data
      The property related to SSO was discussed, at this moment we agree that a specific team isn't needed as the "Compliance Team" is the owner and two of the webmaster team members are technically involved.

    • Template directory
      The team is currently in standby mode, a decision will be made in a few weeks about the future. First meeting is Monday March 16, 2020 with the JED4 team.

  3. Properties:
      A property which isn't used for a very long time and only shows text that the visitor needs to go to a different website.
      We agreed that the property will be removed and the address is forwarded with a 301 to the correct page within the forum.

    • Forum
      There are no reasons to do any switching of the forum software (we will stay with phpBB). In the future a connection with the Identity portal (SSO) should still be possible.

    • VEL
      Discussed because it's part of the extensions directory team. A meeting will be planned to analyze if there are possibilities to merge both websites and the teams.

    • Lists
      An old system for sending mails to groups and is currently only used by sharing translation updates. This system will be phased out by moving to the GSuite groups feature.

    • Vault
      In the final stages to be phased out, a board motion will be taken to make the organizational wide decision.

    • Webmasters The webmasters property idea where all major guidelines, instructions, management overview and many other things could reside was discussed and agreed that this should be in our main website.