By Wilco Alsemgeest on 2020-04-01 20:11 in Operations


This report is an update on the report published on March 9th, 2020. (
It's about the actions performed, discussed and planned since the last report, therefore it's advised to read the preceding report, to fully understand this report.

Webmasters Team structure:

We have analysed the purpose of the team, the members, the responsibilities and other aspects, which brought us to the conclusion that the different members had totally different understanding of the team. (It's a collection of Team Leaders, not a official team, a cooperation group, an many more differences)

We decided to discuss this future and make it clear for everybody in agreement with the board.

  • It's an official team managing all website and infrastructure related things, which doesn't fall within the responsibility of a specific team.
  • The team must have a TL and follow the rules for teams.
    For any system not related to another team will reside in the Webmasters team with a responsible member.
  • For any website or infrastructure related responsibility residing in a different team, the Webmasters team must hold a Liaison.

Community Magazine Working Group / Team:

The JCM Working Group released the new version of the Magazine, based on EasyBlog.
Operations DC & Assistant DC would like to thank all the people involved in this transition to the new version, especially Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall and Luca Marzo for their support in the migration to the new system and any other member from the JCM team. (See:

The working group will arrange an internal election for the Team leader in order to transform to an official team and will be working on releasing the magazine on a monthly basis.
A call for authors and a call for volunteers is described in the the release blog (above link).



Every week more systems, guidelines, instructions and other documents are created within the Joomla main site. To which every team member has access to support with the creation.
As standardization is very important, the new guidelines are also planned as changes on different properties to make them equal on those levels.

Server structure, DNS, sites and accounts:

A lot of actions have been performed to clean up the overhead on the amount of hosting accounts running for sites not in use anymore, addresses which were just redirects. Playgrounds which were not in use anymore, the ones still needed were moved to a dedicated sandbox server, so we can safely play around without impacting any production site.

We also have been able to phase out some old servers, which decreased the amount of management needed and volunteers availability.

The DNS has been cleaned of old records, as well existing records were corrected where needed. A few are left related to mail communication, which will be optimized as well in the coming weeks.

VPN System:

The VPN System is an infrastructure related part to ensure secure access to other parts of the platform.
The Webmaster team can manage the Identity management, but the server itself also needs maintenance on OS and software level.
Harald Leitner stepped up and took responsibility for this, he already made sure everything is up-to-date.


The Jenkins system has been analyzed and the conclusion is made that this system is part of all the efforts taken by the Production department and that it's solely used for their purposes.
George Wilson stepped up and took the responsibility for this part as a Production Department member and is acting as liaison within the webmaster team to keep the information flow going.


The board of directors approved the new "OSM Secure Data Management Policy" created by Luca as well the separate password vault replacement proposal.
Wilco has worked hard on implementing the new password vault system and was able to replace the old and insecure vault within a week. It's now in production and everybody who requires access to the vault received it.


The Google feedburner system can't work on HTTPS if you use your own domain (E.g., while we in the modern world require HTTPS for all our domains, this generates conflicts.
We have updated where needed to display the original feedburner addresses.

The relationship between this system and our other systems has been fully analyzed.
The needed improvements next to the update are fully defined.
The needed actions will commence shortly.

Report URI:

Wilco has been working the last few weeks on a new partnership with Report URI to improve our Application Security and Health monitoring for all websites.
Thanks to the support of Luca and Tobias we have been able to bring this to a successful partnership for the next 3 years.