By Radek Suski on 2020-04-03 10:07 in Operations

Operations Department Meeting
April 2
, 2020 - 18:00 - 19:00 UTC


Participants: Radek Suski, Wilco Alsemgeest, Olaf Offick, Sander Potjer, Anibal Sanchez, Sebastian Lapoux, Deb Cinkus, Karen Dunne 

Discussion points: 


  • Survey: all participants have been reminded about the department survey. 


  • Community Magazine: the new version of the magazine has been launched. Luca Marzo is working to make the team an official again and is looking for a new team leader. 


  • Extensions Directory: Migration to the new ads server has been completed. Anibal still isn't satisfied with the speed. Wilco proposed to implement CDN for the server and improve caching. Work on JED4 continues however the team needs more developers. It has been suggested to contact the Marketing Team to ask for help.


  • Forum: Few global Moderators left the team. Olaf is looking for replacement within the current moderators and forum users. 


  • Resources Directory: the team is cleaning invalid entries in the directory. Also a mail newsletter to all author is planned to find out illegitimate (expired) entries. During the discussion Wilco proposed using a tool which is available for the entire project. It turned out members of the department are not aware about tools the project have at disposal. It resulted in Wilco adding a list of all tools available for the project to be documentation. Wilco also reminded all participants that a webmaster documentation has been created and encourage everyone to use it in the future. 


  • Showcase Directory: Migration to new ad server also has been completed. Sebastien informed about issues with ads in square format. The team discussed recent new feature, "case studies", in the showcase directory. It has been proposed to contact the social media team to help with spreading information about it and give more exposure to authors of entries in this certain section of the website. Sebastien asked for opinions about restricting new entries to websites that are accessible via https only. Everyone encouraged the showcase directory team to implement such a restriction. The team is also preparing for cleaning the directory of invalid entries. To the information that the team is going to proceed those entries manually, a suggestion has been made to use a tool created by David Jardin to automatise this task.


  • Volunteers Portal: The team is currently testing the integration with the Identity Portal by performing test migration. The final integration is planned within next two months. All issues reported at GitHub are being fixed continually. 



On behalf of the department I would like to thank all participants for their time and efforts and participation in our meeting. 


Next meeting is planned for April 7th at the same time.