By Radek Suski on 2020-09-24 13:18 in Operations

Operations Department Meeting September 21, 2020 - 18:00 - 18:30 UTC


Participants: Andrea Gentil, Jaz Parkyn, Olaf Offick, Radek Suski, Roland Dalmulder, Sander Potjer


Apologies: Anibal Sanchez, Sigrid Suski, Sebastien Lapoux, Wilco Alsemgeest


Proxies: Radek Suski for Sigrid Suski, Jaz Parkyn for Anibal Sanchez


Department Coordinator:


  1. Radek reminded everyone that he has been elected as treasurer and ensured help to the successor to warrant smooth transition.



Community Magazine Team


  1. September issue published
  2. The latest team meeting was on August 27. The meeting report can be found at Volunteers Portal
  3. The team is working on the next issue



Extensions Directory Team


  1. The latest meeting was on August 28th. The meeting report can be found at Volunteers Portal. Next meeting is planned for this Friday
  2. JED is preparing to clean all inactive users among other reason to comply with the GDPR


Forum Team


  1. The team is successfully managed to improve increasing bounces from the forum website
  2. Also the possible conflict with particular user (as mentioned in previous meeting) has been solved



Template Directory Team


  1. Currently no activity due to unclear situation. Awaiting further direction.



Volunteers Portal Team 


  1. The team is working on better solution for displaying users (members) who didn’t gave a consent for displaying public data.
  2. Olaf noted issues with removing inactive members if he doesn’t know which account he has to remove. Sander explained that those data is anonymised and nobody actually shall nor know the real data. Is had been advised to simply remind all team’s members to update their profiles.
  3. Sander has been reminded about requirements for reporting. Sender mentioned that it would limit his volunteer time to work on other issues. He suggested to discuss it with the board.


Webmasters Team

  1. Reports published after last department meeting:
  2. Working on UpTimeRobot, they gave us a free pro account. It’s running next to Pingdom for which we need to pay. Anibal is helping with a header value test to also get warnings for a website which loads, but displays a blank page. 
  3. Motion will be sent for the “Identity Access Management” policy which is required, according to the Joomla Property Management policy Article 8
  4. The “Privacy & Security Settings” policy will be finalised after point 2
  5. Supporting Hugh together with Jaz, to define, configure and test the Advertisement structure based on decisions by the board.
  6. Working with Hugh, Luca and Jaz to define and build a new JRD structure within CJO, which has the working name “Service Providers Directory”, will get monetisation options and can provide more listed companies than on the current website. 


On behalf of the department I would like to thank all participants for their time and efforts and participation in our meeting.