By Peter Martin on 2017-07-06 12:18 in Operations

Joomla Community Magazine

Tuesday July 4th 2017 at 13:30:00  UTC

Participants: Helvecio da Silva (JCM), Jacques Rentzke (JCM), Peter Martin (Operations Department)


Current state of JCM

The JCM Team has currently 6 members:

  • Helvecio + Jacques are responsible for the English Edition

  • Alejandro + Andrea are responsible for the Spanish Edition

  • Randy + George are helping with technical stuff

The team can use more team members:


  • The team does not have any formal meetings at the moment. They just work on the publication of every monthly issue.

  • The Spanish edition has much traffic. However there haven’t been any Spanish issues published since February 2017.


Action list:

  1. Have monthly JCM meetings - 1st or 2nd week of the month, just after the magazine has been published.

    1. Plan meeting with all active JCM team members + Nicky Veitch (future proof reader) (Elvis)

    2. Contact a couple of good authors to join meeting (Elvis)

  2. JCM Magazine

    1. Contact Andrea to ask about the status of Spanish Team? (Elvis)

    2. Add website Icon (with author’s website) to author profile under article: Ask George (Jacques)

  3. Attend the monthly Operations Department meetings

    1. Plan date & share with Elvis + Jacques (Peter)

    2. Ask other departments to contribute articles (Elvis or JCM delegate)

  4. Get more volunteers:

    1. Create a volunteers page inviting people to join the Magazine Team (In the magazine) (Elvis / Jacques)

    2. Volunteers Portal page of JCM: “Apply for role” (Elvis)

    3. Ask some regular authors to attend monthly JCM meetings (Elvis)