By Peter Martin on 2017-08-24 12:11 in Operations

Joomla Operations Department Meeting

Wednesday August 23th 2017, 19:00:00  UTC

   Participants: Jaz Parkyn (Extensions Directory Team), Olaf Offick (Forum Team), Peter Martin (Operations Department Coordinator), Sander Potjer (Volunteers Portal Team), Sławomir Sikora (Template Directory Team), Brian Mitchell (Resource Directory Team).

Invited: Jacques Rentzke (Community Magazine Team)

Apologies: Sebastien Lapoux (Showcase Directory Team), Helvecio da Silva (Community Magazine Team)


Operations Department Coordinator

  • Board of Directors Full Board Meeting - August 17, 2017
  • Board of Directors Full Board Meeting - August 03, 2017
  • Board of Directors Full Board Meeting - July 20, 2017
  • We would like to have a better insight in the technical performance of the servers (e.g. in case of technical issues) on which our websites are running. Unfortunately monitoring software like Nagios needs root access to the servers.
  • Although the Joomla 3.7.5 update was just a bug fix to solve one file in the installation folder (so only necessary for sites that have to be installed), it’s a good practice to keep your site up-to-date. Peter asked the teams to check their Joomla version, and also check if 3rd party extensions are up to date.
  • At the moment we do not have a Standard Operating Procedure for updating & a backup strategy for sites in place. We need to standardize this.
  • We try to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the Operations Department team leaders just before JWC on Thursday 16 november 2017.
  • Team Sprints are a great way to getting things done in a very short period. Peter asked the teams if they had any plans about doing a Team Sprint to improve their sites.

Community Magazine Team

Extensions Directory Team

  • The Board has decided to have a single general sponsorship form and not for separate projects/teams. Separate sponsorship forms will complicate the budgeting too much as the received funds can only be used for the cause it raised money for.
  • JED received a number of forum posts and tickets about disappearing reviews. This has been caused because JED uses an external review checker which could only check the reviews after they had been published. JED is migrating this external review checker over to their own server to improve the extension review process.
  • The JED team will hold a face-to-face meeting on Thursday 16 November just before the Joomla World Conference (JWC) in Rome.
  • The JED team is continuing on the specifications document for JED4 (new future version of the Extensions Directory)

Forum Team

  • Forum Statistics - July 2017
  • The Forum Team has contacted its inactive moderators. If they want to continue helping out, they have to respond before 9th September. After that they will be thanked for their past involvement and removed from the moderator team.
  • After 9th September it will be decided if/which some boards need new moderators

Resource Directory Team

  • The JRD team is continuing with the specifications for a new improved Joomla Resources Directory.

Template Directory Team

  • Report of JTD Meeting at July, 24th, 2017
  • The JTD team welcomed 3 new volunteers to the team
  • The team has a server ready to start with the development of the new Template Directory
  • The JRD found a Template Club that is interested in making available their API to their template data which can be used for development of the JTD.
  • To kickstart the development of the new Template Directory, the team will organize a Team Sprint probably in October/November.

Volunteers Portal Team

  • The JVP team worked with the Volunteer Engagement Team to implement Peakon-integration on the Volunteers Portal
  • A couple of new volunteers applied to help out in the team. The JVP can still use some more volunteers. See:  
  • The JVP team asked about a Standard Operating Procedure regarding getting access to Joomla sites and regarding code changes (which should be done via git and not directly in files on the server).

Showcase Directory Team

  • Sebastien not present. Carried over to next meeting.