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Location: online

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: Olaf Offick (Forum Team), Sander Potjer (Volunteers Portal Team), Brian Mitchell (Resource Directory Team), Aleksander Kuczek (interim Operations Department Coordinator, Vice President), Nicky Veitch (Operations Department Coordination Team)

Guests: Sandra Decoux (Marketing Department Coordinator)

 Apologies:  Jaz Parkyn (Extensions Directory Team), Sławek Sikora (Template Directory Team), Helvecio da Silva (Community Magazine Team), Sebastien Lapoux (Showcase Directory Team),

Discussion outline

1.       GDPR Liaison - Thank you to Sander Potjer for taking this role. Sander advised he will be focussing on implementing SSO on all properties managed by Operation Department. There will be no team meeting until 2018.

2.       Aleksander advised there has been a budget review, and in early January he will get a report on how much money is available to the Operations department. A high-level budget was provided. Current total resources available after hosting and fixed costs for Operations is approximately $18,000.

3.       Aleksander asked that team leaders try to encourage team members to participate in bi-weekly Peakon surveys, as the results provide a lot of information which the project can use to improve. Operations is 1/3 of the total Joomla community so it is important to get feedback.

4.       Aleksander asked if team leaders received a link to the Peakon Dashboard. If not, please contact Yves Hoppe.

5.       Aleksander can see data for all of Operations. There are some strong areas and some difficulties like workflow, but what is true for the entire department may not be true for an individual team. This data is a good way to see how your volunteers feel about their contributions to your team and to entire Joomla Project.

6.       Aleksander requested that all team leaders request access before the next meeting, and data will be discussed at that meeting.

7.       There was a suggestion that publishing some public data may encourage people to continue contributing.

8.       Aleksander asked team leaders to consider what they saw as the role of Assistant team leaders? Answers included:

a.       To step up and run meetings if team leader unavailable.

b.      Provide context for wider Joomla community.

c.       Succession planning and provide continuity, ready to take over if needed.

9.       Next meeting will be held on 24 January at 20:00 UTC.

10.   Olaf advised the Forum team is scheduling a meeting for early/mid January.

11.   The Forum team is planning to move the Unban form to a Helpdesk System. Olaf asked if there is any experience with the existing system on

12.   The ChronoForm on has been updated so that multiple team members can answer the unban submissions.

13.   Brian advised the Resources Directory team has prepared a draft survey about JRD 3.0 for 2018.

14.   Sebastien advised some new enhancements have been made on the Showcase platform. A new step has been added to the moderation workflow which allows a submitter to correct their submission as a result of feedback received from a moderator. After correction, the submitter can request the moderation again.

15.   Sebastien thanked Jeroen Moolenschot and Jason Nickerson for their contribution to the Showcase  Team as moderators.

16.   Sander advises the Volunteer Portal team are working on pushing the issues of the 1.0 milestone before the end of the year:

17.   Sandra suggests the Volunteer team use the Twitter account @joomlers for volunteers for publishing reports, etc. as there is too much information for the main Joomla account. This reporting to Twitter can be automated.

18.   Sandra advises team leaders should send anything they would like promoted to a new Glip Marketing room called Contact the Social Media Team and Marketing Public Room>.