By Luca Marzo on 2019-04-23 06:42 in Production

Joomla Production Department Meeting

Date: April 16, 2019
Time: 17:30 UTC
Total time of meeting: 45 minutes


Harald Leithner (Department Coordinator), Luca Marzo (Assistant to DC), David Jardin (Team Leader), Nicola Galgano (Team Leader), Ilagnayeru Manickam (Team Leader), Marco Dings (Team Leader), Benjamin Trenkle (Team Leader).


Puneet Kala (Team Leader), Philip Walton (Team Leader), Robert Deutz (Team Leader), Tom Hutchinson (Team Leader), Stefan Wajda (Team Leader).

Discussion outline

Report from the Department Coordinator

  • Luca shared the necessity to ensure the Volunteers Portal is up to date, in order to reflect the proper status of teams, working groups and team leadership.

  • Luca suggested to deal with access to documents and information using a Google Group with all the team leaders of the Production Department.

  • Harald proposed to involve in Production Department all the Release Leads. Luca to make an official motion via email for that after the meeting.

  • We have multiple sprint requests, of which 3 at the same time and place. Sprints requests came from:

    • Workflow to state machine update (Benjamin)

    • Review default Parameter for J4 (George)

    • Backend Template bug fixing (Benjamin)

    • Update Server (Tobias Zulauf)

    • GSoC (Puneet)

    • Security Code Sprint (David)

    • Webauthn, Login System experience (Harald)

  • Members discussed about collective decisions from the Production Department.

Bug Squad Team

  • Nicola Galgano has been elected as Team Leader for the Bug Squad Team.

  • Scheduled twice a month JBS team meeting accordingly to the release cycle Alpha, Beta, RC, Stable.

CMS Release Team

  • Joomla 3.9.5 has been released on April 09.

  • Joomla 3.9.6 might come earlier than the regular schedule.

Core Translation Team

Google Summer of Code Team

Software Architecture & Strategy Working Group

  • Volunteers portal entry established.

  • Glip group established.

  • If you know of people with architectural skill / overview, please ask them to consider joining the team. A more elaborate description on goals can be found on the volunteers portal.

Security Strike Team

  • 3.9.5 released, multiple issues fixed

  • Completed audit of SSO component for

  • 3.9.5 broke symlinks in media directory, input appreciated: #24539 (

  • Lots of reports related to com_contact spam, all of them related to insecure configurations

Workflow Project Team

  • Workflow should be upgraded to a state machine and permissions of article should be moved to the workflow (can edit when stage X but not when stage Y), same for featured

  • Targeting a sprint from May 3 to 6.

Backend Template Working Group

  • Repository is online now:

  • Feedback of the first presentations were quite positive.

  • Planning to make a grouped sprint (with workflow).

Other Business

  • Members discussed about the opportunity of a sprint for Bug Squad.