By Llewellyn van der Merwe on 2021-07-26 08:24 in Production


Production Dept. Meeting MINUTES
- July  13, 2021

Participants: Benjamin Trenkle (Team Leader), George Wilson (Release Lead 4.0), Harald Leithner (Release Lead 3.9), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Team Leader), Llewellyn van der Merwe (Assistant Department Coordinator), Jacob Waisner (Team Leader), Shivam Rajput (Team Leader), Philip Walton (Marketing Liaison), Tobias Zulauf (Release Lead 3.10)
Absent with notice: David Jardin (Team Leader), Marco Dings (Department Coordinator), Sigrid Gramlinger (Team Leader), Hannes Papenberg (Team Leader)
Absent without notice: Robert Deutz (Team Leader), Niels Braczek (Team Leader), Mike Brandner (Team Leader)

Security Strike Team (David Jardin)

  • RIPS interim license has been applied
  • In contact with Operations and Marketing to setup a replacement newsletter for the Security News

Release Leads (Benjamin Trenkle, George Wilson, Tobias Zulauf, Harald Leithner)

* Release lead 4.0 (George Wilson):

  • Joomla 4.0 RC4 to be released immediately after the meeting.
  • Initial discussions for scheduling a stable release are being taken given the continued lack of major blockers.

* Release lead 3.10 (Tobias Zulauf):

  • Joomla 3.10.0-alpha9 to be released right after the current meeting.

Bug Squad Team (Jacob Waisner)

  • Weblinks is a continued focus for the JBS to have polished for the J4 release.

CMS Release Team (Sigrid Gramlinger)

  • In our team meeting, we discussed the “Release Candidate Meetings” which were scheduled the day after the RC2 and RC3. As CMS Release team, we did not get much out of the meetings. We can instead have Glip channels to discuss topics and if necessary still set up an RC meeting when needed.
  • Meeting report

Google Summer of Code Joomla “Students Contribution” Team (Shivam Rajput)

  • Summer 2021 has announced its result, we have 2 students onboarded for the same.
    • Guided Tour - Jatin
    • CronJobs - Tushar
  • Benjamin Trenkle is mentoring the Students.
  • GSoC 2021 - First Evaluation has started for the students.
  • We are thinking to rename the Google Summer of Code Team, as we are now having two programs, to accommodate the same we need to decide something.
    • Recommendation for the New Name
      • Education, Research, and Development Team (ERDT)
      • Developer Education Programs Team