By Llewellyn van der Merwe on 2022-09-29 19:18 in Production

Production Dept. Meeting MINUTES
- September  20, 2022

Participants: Benjamin Trenkle (Department Coordinator), Olivier Buisard (Release Manager 4.3), Roland Dalmulder (Release Lead 4.2), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Team Leader), Viviana Menzel (Assistant Team Leader), Llewellyn van der Merwe (Assistant Department Coordinator), Shivam Rajput (Team Leader), Philip Walton (Marketing Liaison), Robert Deutz (Team Leader), Tobias Zulauf (Release Lead 3.10)
Absent: David Jardin (Team Leader), Jacob Waisner (Team Leader), Niels Braczek (Team Leader), Shirielle “SD” Williams (Release Manager 4.3), Hannes Papenberg (Team Leader), Harald Leithner (Release Lead 5.0), Mike Brandner (Team Leader), Sigrid Gramlinger (Team Leader), Franciska Perisa (Release Lead 4.2)

Production Department Coordinator (Benjamin Trenkle)

  • Team goals deadline end of September
  • Motion PROD2022 - 014 passed. Waiting now for at least 5 members in the JXT

Bug Squad Team (Jacob Waisner)

  • 732 open issues
  • Continuing focus on some of the older issues that have been impacting Joomla for a while. Coordinating with the Release leads so that JBS can be utilised as a focused group.
  • Added 1 new member to the team

Joomla! Enhancement Development Team (Shivam Rajput)

Joomla! Accessibility Team (Christiane Maier-Stadtherr)

  • Every PR which is labelled a11y must be approved by JAT before it is merged.
  • We want to have a new UX label.

Security Strike Team (David Jardin)

  • Successful TUF sprint in Nuremberg last weekend, report will follow.

CMS Maintenance Team (Robert Deutz)

  • Planning a sprint in October.

Release Managers (Harald, Niels, Olivier, SD, Roland, Franciska, Tobias, Llewellyn)

Release Manager 4.3 (Olivier Buisard, SD Williams):

  • Continuing to update documentation (RACI, upmerge, etc.)
  • Continuing to schedule meetings with developers to contribute to PRs for the 4.3 release
  • Recruited a few testers and continuing efforts for more

Release Lead 4.2 (Roland Dalmulder, Franciska Perisa):

  • Joomla 4.2.3 RC 1 released

Other Business