By Llewellyn van der Merwe on 2023-02-15 12:46 in Production

Production Dept. Meeting MINUTES
- January  24, 2023

Participants: Benjamin Trenkle (Department Coordinator), Hannes Papenberg (Team Leader), Harald Leithner (Release Lead 5.0), Carlos Rodriguez (Team Leader), Olivier Buisard (Release Manager 4.3), Shirielle “SD” Williams (Release Manager 4.3), Roland Dalmulder (Release Lead 4.2), Franciska Perisa (Release Lead 4.2), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Team Leader), Viviana Menzel (Assistant Team Leader), Crystal Dionysopoulos (Team Leader), Jacob Waisner (Team Leader), Sigrid Gramlinger (Team Leader), Shivam Rajput (Team Leader), Philip Walton (Marketing Liaison), Robert Deutz (Team Leader), Tobias Zulauf (Release Lead 3.10)
Absent: Llewellyn van der Merwe (Assistant Department Coordinator), Niels Braczek (Team Leader)

Production Department Coordinator (Benjamin Trenkle)

  • Welcome Carlos as new Documentation Team Lead

Joomla! Experience Team (Crystal Dionysopoulos)

  • Survey for the new Joomla website received 44 responses to date; responses generally show people are frustrated with structure, hard to find updated documentation, need too many accounts across Joomla properties, etc. Full report from JXT/JWEB project team will be coming.

CMS Release Team (Sigrid Gramlinger)

Automated Testing Team (Hannes Papenberg)

  • Looking for a Co-Teamlead to share the load and protect against outages. Allon Moritz offered his help in that position.

Release Managers (Harald, Niels, Olivier, SD, Roland, Franciska, Tobias, Llewellyn)

Release Manager 5.0 (Harald Leithner):

  • PHP minimum requirement has been raised to PHP 8.1 and all dependencies have been updated.
  • B/C plugin has not been started yet
  • It is unrealistic that Event Loop and Asynchronous techniques will be implemented in time.
  • Multi domain / multi site implementation kick of is planned for the Cloudfest Hackthon in March
  • TUF implementation should realistically work out
  • There will be no block editor in Joomla 5.0
  • GSoC SEO Plugin will be ready in time for 5.0
  • GSoC plugin will be ready in time for 5.0
  • PoC for layout independent frameworks will be presented in time.
  • Framework 3.0 branches will be created by George soon
  • Common Table Expression will be evaluated if the implementation is possible in time for Joomla 5.0
  • Currently there is no progress on Rector rules for Joomla

Release Lead 4.3 (Olivier Buisard, Shirielle “SD” Williams):

  • 4.3.0 alpha 3 released

Release Lead 4.2 (Roland Dalmulder, Franciska Perisa):

  • 4.2.7 RC is out and ready for testing.

Other Business

  • Election are still ongoing