By Llewellyn van der Merwe on 2023-02-15 12:58 in Production

Production Dept. Meeting MINUTES
- February  07, 2023

Participants: Benjamin Trenkle (Department Coordinator), David Jardin (Team Leader), Hannes Papenberg (Team Leader), Harald Leithner (Release Lead 5.0), Olivier Buisard (Release Manager 4.3), Viviana Menzel (Assistant Team Leader), Sigrid Gramlinger (Team Leader), Shirielle “SD” Williams (Release Manager 4.3), Philip Walton (Marketing Liaison), Robert Deutz (Team Leader), Tobias Zulauf (Release Lead 3.10)
Absent: Crystal Dionysopoulos (Team Leader), Llewellyn van der Merwe (Assistant Department Coordinator), Niels Braczek (Team Leader), Roland Dalmulder (Release Lead 4.2), Franciska Perisa (Release Lead 4.2), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Team Leader), Jacob Waisner (Team Leader), Shivam Rajput (Team Leader), Carlos Rodriguez (Team Leader)

Bug Squad Team (Jacob Waisner)

CMS Release Team (Sigrid Gramlinger)

  • Motion for Release Leads for 4.4
  • Post Release Process was very useful and supportive for 4.2.7 release.

Release Managers (Harald, Niels, Olivier, SD, Roland, Franciska, Tobias, Llewellyn)

Release Lead 4.3 (Olivier Buisard, Shirielle “SD” Williams):

  • Joomla 4.3 Beta 1 Release today (7-Feb-2023)

Release Lead 4.2 (Roland Dalmulder, Franciska Perisa):

  • Joomla 4.2.7 is out, there was an issue with PHP 7.2 sites but this was handled adequately in the Post Release Channel.

Maintainer Framework (Niels Braczek):

Documentation Team (Carlos Rodriguez)

  • Docusaurus is going to be used for the new documentation, Harald is creating a repository for this purpose.
  • As the other active volunteers in the documentation do not fully agree about this change, I will lead this effort in the beginning.
  • Currently it is impossible to migrate 5k+ articles so it is proposed to only focus on the documentation of the current version, and leave the rest as historical archive.
  • The Help Screens has top priority in this migration so it is proposed to start from there.
  • The current URL is for now:
  • We need a solution to where we store the images that the documentation will use, so that a person who wants to contribute doesn't need to download all the images from the repository when they do git clone.
  • We still need to change the MediaWiki documentation when it is needed (until we have Docusaurus ready). For this I need to track the new requests of change to the documentation, and make the work done from there. To keep it simple, I propose when a PR is marked with the Documentation Needed tag, a new entry is created in a github project board (something to create) and from there I can track and make the work. As a plus maybe we can make when I mark the entry in the github board as done, the joomla-bot add a comment to the PR informing the documentation was added.</em< (but I not sure if this last part is possible)