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  • Michael Babker - Department Coordinator
  • Allon Moritz - Media Manager Team Lead
  • Cliff Pfeifer - User Experience Working Group Lead
  • George Wilson - Framework Working Group Lead
  • Marco Dings - Joomla! X Working Group Lead
  • Niels Braczek - Bug Squad Lead
  • Philip Walton - CMS Release Team Lead
  • Roland Dalmulder - CMS Maintenance Team Lead
  • Sandra Thevenet - Documentation Working Group Lead
  • Yves Hoppe - Automated Testing Working Group Lead

3.7 Routing Issues

In general, there are mixed feelings over the stability of the new routing code included in 3.7 and how to proceed with addressing some of the core issues surrounding it.  George has a pull request at which attempts to backport the backward compatibility breaking change from 4.0 to ensure JRouter can trigger a 404 page however there are concerns over whether this approach can correctly function.  Additionally, Robert Deutz is reviewing the routing code and looking for possible solution to the issues.

3.7 Release Status

Given the state of the current staging branch and some of the issues that are open, there is a consensus that 3.7 cannot enter the release candidate phase yet.  Key issues include the new router, performance issues (partially identified as a result of the addition of custom fields), backward compatibility concerns with autoloader related patches, and usability of some new or upgraded features.  It was also noted that the documentation for new 3.7 features is for the most part non-existent.  Internally, the team feels delaying the release by one month should give enough time to address all priority issues and that additional beta releases should be issued to continue encouraging testing and feedback.

Media Manager Team Update

The Media Manager team shared an update regarding their status and a reasoning document explaining why they’ve made certain design decisions, primarily related to the use of Vue.js.  Based on review of this information, the department gives unanimous support to the team to continue in their current direction.

Department Team Structure

The department discussed several team changes, including the following.

JavaScript Working Group

In anticipation of the department coordinator formally requesting the group’s establishment, a team will come together to properly document this group’s purpose within the department and project.  The goal is to have this ready for the April Board of Directors meeting.

Coding Standards Team

A Coding Standards team will be set up under the Automated Testing Team to serve two primary purposes: maintenance of the tools used to validate the Joomla Coding Standards (the PHPCS ruleset primarily) and to ensure standards are clearly documented for all required languages.  Names of several individuals to fill this team were discussed, they will be contacted shortly.

Team Assignments

The Joomla! 4 Working Group was assigned as a subteam of the Joomla! X Working Group and the en-GB User Interface team was assigned as a subteam of the Documentation Working Group.

3.x End of Support Update

At the last meeting it was tasked to work on the required announcement regarding the end of support for 3.x.  Work on this hasn’t started yet due to other tasks taking priority.  It was reiterated that because of the six month pre-announcement window, the longer it takes the announcement to be prepared and published that it will inherently cause a delay in the 3.8 (and presumably 4.0) release.  Several individuals volunteered to step up and begin work on this task.

Voting Procedure

The team’s voting procedure was discussed to ensure there is clarity in how votes will be conducted.  In summary:

  • Votes may only be conducted during a meeting if the vote is placed on the agenda beforehand
  • Votes outside of a meeting will be conducted over email with a maximum one-week timeframe for response
  • Robert’s Rules will be honored for establishing a quorum and determining a vote’s pass/fail

Resource Management

A couple of team leads identified that our ACL for department resources (GitHub, Google Groups, websites) is outdated.  We will be reviewing these to get everything situated.

The meeting was adjourned after 2 hours.