By Michael Babker on 2017-05-08 16:00 in Production


  • Michael Babker - Department Coordinator
  • Allon Moritz - Media Manager Team Lead
  • David Jardin - Security Team Lead
  • George Wilson - Framework Working Group Lead
  • Niels Braczek - Bug Squad Lead
  • Philip Walton - CMS Release Team Lead
  • Puneet Kala - GSoC Team Lead
  • Robert Deutz - Automated Testing Working Group Lead
  • Roland Dalmulder - CMS Maintenance Team Lead
  • Sandra Thevenet - Documentation Working Group Lead

Department Coordinator

We are in the final stages of finalizing our budget requests for the remainder of the year, our internal deadline is May 15.  A call for a new UX team leadership went out shortly after the meeting.

Automated Testing

A sprint to review and improve our automated testing architecture is in the planning process.

Bug Squad

We are looking into organizing PBF events again, team leads are discussing the planning/organizational requirements.

CMS Maintenance

We are seeking a new team lead since Roland would like to step down.  Because of the nature of this team, we are currently recruiting internally first, however will open a public call if required.

CMS Release

Several discussions related to release testing and workflows took place, including ways we can help improve our testing processes and how to catch some of the last minute release issues that we had sooner.  We also began discussing the roadmap and potential timeline for the 3.8 release.  The 3.8 release lead will be having more discussions with all key players throughout the month to finalize a plan.


A sprint for general maintenance and preparations for supporting Joomla! 4 is being planned.


We are working to improve interoperability within our packages and making minor structure updates related to this.  Our Dependency Injection Container has been updated for PSR-11 compatibility, the Application and HTTP packages are supporting various aspects of PSR-7, and we are evaluating PSR-16 support in our already PSR-6 compatible Cache package.  Stable versions of the Framework 2.0 packages will be released with Joomla! 4.0.


Google announced the accepted projects shortly after our meeting, in total 10 projects were accepted.  The project spaces have been set up on GitHub and the community bonding period is now underway.

Media Manager

Most of the base features for the refactored media manager are now in a testing/review state.  A GSoC project will be focused on cloud filesystem integrations into the new structure.


A CI platform is being worked on to support automated testing in the team’s private workspace.

General Notes

Joomla! 4.0 development is ongoing with a lot of work primarily focused on improvements in the MVC layer, support for and migration to namespaced PHP classes, and the new Bootstrap 4 based core templates.  Progress can be followed using the project boards on the CMS’ GitHub repo.  An item we would like additional feedback on relates to a proposal for restructuring the component’s filesystem structure, see for additional info.

The meeting was adjourned after 2 hours.