By Private Profile 2acc0fde on 2017-06-04 14:00 in Production

Near the end of the J and Beyond event, an impromptu meeting was held.  We were lucky to have all but 2 team leads present at the conference and used the opportunity to get together to share updates on some of the work that had happened through our team sprints this week and general team statuses.

4.0 Update

The main code sprint at JAB was in support of 4.0.  During the week, several architecture updates were made which included standardization of the extension install adapters and migration of the database layer to the Joomla! Framework package.  The UI team made several rounds of minor updates to the new templates and began work on the new web installer.  George expects to be able to tag the first alpha release of 4.0 within the next few weeks.

3.8 Update

We discussed the upcoming 3.8 release, including identifying discussion on the issues which caused the router to not be enabled in 3.7.  We will continue to be testing the 3.8 release with our own sites in a staging environment and will be reviewing some of the open concerns as it relates to the new system.  We remain committed in general to ensuring the 3.8 release and the router is the best system we can provide.

GSoC Update

The Google Summer of Code codig period kicked off last week.  Most students have started their work with a couple finishing exams before jumping in full time.  Many of the projects already have a good starting point however a couple are major features and will need more planning and discussion before starting work.

General Department Notes

The team leads are in general running efficiently in their focus areas with the JavaScript group starting to form and move forward.  The Release Team raised a concern with a low team member count and would like to run a fresh call for volunteers to get new people involved.  Beyond this, even being a large and occasionally fragmented department given our different purposes, we are running very strong and aim to keep up the good work.