By Michael Babker on 2017-07-04 19:30 in Production


  • Michael Babker - Department Coordinator
  • Allon Moritz - Media Manager Team Lead
  • David Jardin - Security Team Lead
  • Dimitris Grammatiko - JavaScript Working Group Lead
  • George Wilson - Framework Working Group Lead
  • Niels Braczek - Bug Squad Lead
  • Robert Deutz - Automated Testing Working Group Lead
  • Roland Dalmulder - CMS Maintenance Team Lead
  • Sandra Thevenet - Documentation Working Group Lead

Department Coordinator

We are reviewing accesses on all project resources (GitHub, Packagist, Crowdin, CI systems, properties, etc.) and reorganizing everything to ensure teams and individual accesses are defined and justified.  Noted to ensure that all account credentials for bot accounts be stored in our password vault, and working on transferring ownership of these accounts to a central Joomla email address.

Automated Testing

A sprint was held in June to work on building out a new CI infrastructure for the CMS’ testing pipeline, one that will also support running system tests (something that has been a constant challenge with our existing resources).  During the sprint, much of the architecture’s foundations were set up and validated and the scaffolding for the new test system (based on Codeception) was merged to the CMS repo.

Bug Squad

The Bug Squad lead has reached out to the JUG organizers to give guidance on how we can assist with PBF events, one JUG will be running a local event in July.

CMS Maintenance

A public call for a new team lead will be going out soon.


Added a category on the documentation site ( with information about each of the teams.  Shortly after the meeting, the site was upgraded to the latest Mediawiki LTS version.


The Database package has been incorporated into the CMS for 4.0.  Working to reconcile code differences between the CMS and Framework now.


The first evaluation period happened during the last week of June.  Students are providing updates on their projects through reports on the Volunteers Portal and blog posts on the Community Portal.


An initial custom elements implementation has been posted to GitHub.  ES6 standards are being evaluated for the CMS’ JavaScript elements.

Media Manager

The first major milestone for the new media manager was completed and merged into the CMS’ 4.0 branch.  One of the GSoC projects is now focusing on cloud storage support.  The team is planning a code sprint in conjunction with JoomlaDay Germany.

User Experience

Finalizing the effort to announce a new team lead.  Due to unforeseen personal conflicts and lesser time availability, this has taken a little longer than hoped.

General Notes

A renewed focus on addressing MySQL 5.7 related issues was shared amongst the team.  Two proposals for adding support for libsodium (PHP 7.2’s “replacement” for mcrypt) were presented, one using the unaudited PHP polyfill and the other only supporting the existing PECL extension as well as the PHP native API in 7.2.  Lastly, we agreed in principle that the CMS’ master and staging branches are redundant and will be phasing out some of the redundancy.

The meeting was adjourned after 2 hours.