By George Wilson on 2018-02-12 12:37 in Production

Department Coordinator

  • Started working on the 2018/19 Budget Requests
  • George and Michael doing transition of responsibilities
  • Discussion about the responsibilities of having 3.9 Release + 4.0 Release Leader + Department Coordinator being too much work for George and whether these roles need to be separated. For now George will keep these roles but it will be kept under active review
  • Joomla Code Style 2.0 RC launched - plan is to convert last of the framework repos and CMS 3.x branch to the new ruleset before tagging stable to ensure we are compliant

Automated Testing

  • Code Sprint taking place in March for fixing the Jooma 4 Testing
  • Drone has been tweaked to try and avoid it hanging semi-regularly
  • Team is working on budget ideas for the next fiscal year

Bug Squad

  • Consolidating number of member is still ongoing
  • Working together with Volunteers Engagement Program team to create activity metrics. JBS is interested in that, because the resulting numbers are needed to rectify membership.
  • Waiting for the PR Testing Platform server

CMS Maintenance

  • Joomla 3.8.5 released
  • Discussions ongoing on how to handle repeated session issues over the last few months (see
  • Discussions to be set up with CMS translations team on setting up formal guidelines for what English strings can and can’t be merged in patch/minor/major releases after issues were raised
  • Looking for a new team lead to replace George

Core Translations

  • Joomla! 3.8.5 language packs, even though there are no language string changes, are being released.
  • New language pack - Spanish - Mexican language (es-MX) is under review.
  • Three users have been added in Crowdin as Proofreaders for the languages Filipino (fil-PH), Tagalog (tl-PH), and Lithuanian (lt-LT).
  • We've starting trialing Utopian (, as a way to increase the amount of proofreading requests.


  • Working on making the docs GDPR Compliant


  • Work ongoing to support the Joomla 4 effort in various packages
  • Investigating integrating the framework version 2 language pack into J4
  • Moving across to the Joomla PHPCS v2


  • GSoC 2018 work has started, we have shortlisted 7 ideas, the final list of ideas will be decided next month.
  • Most of the Project teams are having a kick-off meeting this week.
  • Team will have budget discussion next week.


  • New repo for the ES6 transition
  • A lot of work cleaning and tidying our codebase
  • Eliminating inline scripts
  • Finalizing the Joomla UI components

Joomla! X

  • Progress extremely slow partially due to being stuck in a circle of onboarding, induction followed by lack follow up.
  • Now having the `joomla-x` organisation, we started to separate packages for simpler inclusion and replacement. On JWC in Rome, a demo was shown on how to use the J!X ORM in current Joomla (just a PoC).

Media Manager

  • Minor fixes on the editing plugins part
  • UX/Accessibility work is on hold till the back end template is finished


  • New team member. He’s an employee of, they are sponsoring his work time.
  • Security sprint planed in Q2 2018, plan is to work on open issues (short term) and long term improvements (prepared statements and CSP).
  • Long term issues are being moved out from the JSST repo to the public tracker for non-JSST dev's to work on
  • HtmlView::escape - PR to change ENT_COMPAT to ENT_QUOTES in 4.0 to cover single quotes which are ignored in 3.x