By George Wilson on 2018-05-23 22:21 in Production

Department Coordinator

  • Discussions on the production department split proposed by the board
  • Joomla 4 development going well - lots of backend stuff done. Work is ongoing to get an MVP of the backend template - so there can be full focus. Work still ongoing in the usual public repo
  • There was a vote on removing all packages in the vendor directory for both PHP and Javascript. This passed without a dissentient vote

Automated Testing

CMS Maintenance

  • Looking for a new team lead to replace George

CMS Release Team

  • Push on getting 3rd party extensions to join testing resulted in a lot of positive feedback and all in favour. But so far the practical outcome is no one has actually taken it up and there has not been any new testers. 

Core Translation

  • Joomla! 3.8.6 & 3.8.7 language packs have been released
  • Joomla! 3.8.8 language packs are being released.
  • The language pack Mexican flavor of Spanish language (es-MX) has been validated and should be available in the future
  • New language Cebuano (ceb-PH), the largest native language spoken in Philippines, has been added in Crowdin. A user of Crowdin volunteered to be a proofreader for the language.  This could be Utopian effect - have to wait and see.
  • Language strings standardization for the plugin httpheaders Implementation in Joomla! 4,  Pull Request #20491, is being discussed
  • Using language specific tokeniser and stemmer for com_finder (by Hackwar) in Joomla! 4, Pull Request #20391, is being discussed


  • Focus on GDPR
  • Archiving 2.5 stuff in the near future once GDPR work is finished



  • Work continues on all areas:
  • Custom Elements
  • ES6 Conversion
  • Work on Testing repo is currently postponed due to lack of contributors.

Media Manager

  • Fixing small bugs discovered after the release of J4 Alpha 3
  •  Some enhancements done like copy to clipboard