By George Wilson on 2018-08-10 21:51 in Production

Department Coordinator

  • Joomla 4
    • Backend Template merged
      • Work on menus required (remove submenu, refactor main menu)
      • More work on adhering to specifications required
      • Medium term plan to close the 40-backend-template repo and consolidate into the main repo now (all PRs now going to the main repo)
    • No longer an installable repo as per the vote in May (nightlies are still installable)
    • Resumed working on Documentation of b/c breaks + the new plugin system
    • Workflows merged
    • Focus for next month or so is finalising workflow concepts and stabilizing the rest of the CMS.
    • New alpha over next few days once initial workflow issues get solved
  • Working on trying to get testing platform setup on Rochen infra
  • George will code review the privacy plugin this weekend so we can merge that for 3.9
  • Next weekend George and Brian Teeman are doing a 2 man issue tracker cleanup sprint in London.
  • Michael has set us up a Jenkins instance as the old one was having issues (e.g. it’s PHP version was too low to do Joomla 4 builds). It’s doing the CMS nightly builds and some deploys to our subdomains for now.

Automated Testing

  • Discussion about paying for AppVeyor to decrease CI time. This will get raised with the board.
  • Added caching for the drone testing setup, which has saved a few minutes on each build
  • Did some more optimisations on the CI Setup

CMS Release Team

  • Obvious issues with 3.8.9 and 3.8.10 but 3.8.11 seems to have been smoother and a few issues that were reported in forums and git were just out of date templates etc and not Joomla’s issue

Core Translation


  • Work ongoing on 3.8 and 3.9 help screens


  • GSoC Projects last week starting, focus on completion of documentation.
  • Final results still not clear, will be clear once the Evaluations are complete.
  • Decision for GSOC Admins to attend Mentor summit for 2018, after mentors were exclusively sent last year


  • Investigating possible solutions for the Javascript API (, or something similar)
  • Discussion about potentially restructuring the media/overrides directory to optimise paths for Service Workers

Media Manager

  • Fighting with IE 11 promise issues
  • Small bug fixes merged into upstream


  • The ‘audit and testing’ subgroup is working on J4 testing. They found ~25 issues
  • These issues will be fixed by the ‘implementation’ subgroup and PR will be produce for each fix
  •  Thanks to Brian Teeman for all the work he’s been doing on accessibility in the main repo


  • Merged into Joomla 4
  • Needs some bug fixing/refactoring & upgrade of JS
  • Initial Priority is to fix the archived state by allowing each extension to choose what publishing states (conditions) are available.
  • Discussions to be had about moving this to a state machine rather than specifically just a content publishing state machine
  • Discussions to be had about how workflows should interact with associated categories/articles