By Harald Leithner on 2019-03-27 18:00 in Production

Date: March 15, 2019
Time: 18:00 UTC
Total time of meeting: 1.5 hour

Attendees: Niels Braczek, George Wilson, David Jardin, Stefan Wajda, Benjamin Trenkle, Tom Hutchison, Philip Walton

Invited guests: Harald Leithner (Elected Director), Yves Hoppe (Representation for Robert Deutz), Justyna Michallek (Translator for Stefan Wajda)

Apologies: Robert Deutz, Puneet Kala, Ilagnayeru Manickam

Discussion outline


  • George welcomed Harald. The new department coordinator.
  • George Reminded all team leaders to have a vote on their status as team lead once a year as per the bylaws of Joomla.
  • Harald elected Luca Marzo as coordinator assistant
  • Harald suggested bi-weekly meetings.


  • Joomla 4 Alpha 7 released including web services and all of 3.8
  • Started work on 3.9 merge conflicts
  • Aim is to tag a beta at the end of May (Elisa is verifying the feasibility of this with the backend team)
  • Backend team would like a UX person to help with testing. Lots of progress being made.


  • Unit and JavaScript tests have been moved back into the core repository.
  • API tests for web services merged (with ws itself). Thank you Yves! More to be added.
  • Discussions happening on moving all test suites back into core.
  • Stabilization of Drone server and RIPS
  • Drone server was updated to a higher tier. (More RAM + vCPUs). Big thanks to
  • New team lead election upcoming soon.


  • We are in the beginning of the planning of the PBF. At the moment we have 21 countries joining. We’re in contact with different potential sponsors. 
  • We get support from programs and events, both DC are members of the planning team
  • Sandra (Marketing), Luca (among other things handles the connection to OSM) are also in the main organizations team
  • Philip Walton translated the PBF-page into English
  • New logo and design is in the making (should be implemented somewhere in April)
  • Sandra, Luca and Benjamin created a lot of organisation content (sponsor information, marketing plans, processes, etc.) to make future PBF much more easier.


  • We are planning a meeting to determine the future of the group. A doodle is out and I will close the voting on Sunday.
  • Philip has been doing patch-testing every Wednesday and a few others are now joining. He wants to grow this idea to bring on board a lot more people comfortable with patch testing working towards the October PBF.


  • Joomla! 3.9.4 language packs are getting released
  • An additional translator has been added to the Romanian translation team
  • A new translator coordinator has been identified for the Finnish language translation


  • Astrid wrote a tutorial on how to create a simple module for J4. She is now working on how to create a component for J4
  • We received our first 'application' for GSoD, Sandra is taking care of her.
  • George started a doc about web assets
  • A page was created for the J4 tutorial project. Everybody is free to fill the list of tutorials we will need
  • A volunteer contacted Sandra to create J4 video tutorials for beginners


  • GSoC started, teams formed, we are still in need of a technical mentor for SEO improvement project.
  • We have a lot of participation this year from students, around 60 students are active on Glip and interacting with mentors and admins regularly, many of these students are active on Github. 
  • Team will plan joomla mentors summit during community bonding period.
  • Admins will spend time in preparation of application for Google Season of Docs 

JOOMLA! Accessibility

  • Accessibility of Modules new/edit and Media manager pages (grid view) has been evaluated. Reports were prepared.
  • A total of more than 30 accessibility issues and PR were reported. Several issues were solved (thanks Brian Teeman, C-Lodder, SharkyKZ, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Ray Selby, Wojciech Smoliński). 
  • Three new accessibility features were developed (SkipTo, Shortcut Keys Administrator, Adaptive Accessibility Menu). Thanks Brian Teeman.
  • Work has begun on keyboard support for Media Manager (thanks George Wilson).
  • Editing of accessibility guidelines for Joomla and two tutorials started.


  • Propose to put Joomla X in the freezer, disbandon for now. This would be done in favour of a broader group/team dealing with architecture and strategy
  • The "Strategy & Architecture" team would cover a lot of what was intended with Joomla!X, just not focused on code, but on helping (feature) developers to build good architecture and to develop a strategy (a roadmap in a wider sense). If that team gets established, Joomla!X will still be the place to show proof of concepts and thus continue to be the "lighthouse" for the Joomla project.


  • 3.9.3 and 3.9.4 released, both security releases
  • Highlighting the sample data fix in 3.9.4 as it allows public access to the “populate sample data” feature, enabling attackers to mess up users site content
  • Fine-tuned RIPS, number of false positives went down massively
  • Conflict with Checkpoint, caused by a blog post with various false statements (“new vulnerability found”, “exploiting the Jmail service”). Checkpoint applied various corrections and we reached the point where they don’t want to any further changes.


  • With a more open initial state a lot of “issues” from the people (multilingual) are solved. Now user can choose between different initial stages.
  • Regarding a graphical interface: it’s in progress, but at the moment, the used framework is to big, so we need to improve here (~800kb):
  • Still needed: testing, testing, testing