By Jaz Parkyn on 2020-05-15 18:58 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Davide Messia, Wilco Alsemgeest

Apologies: Chris Keen, Andrea Gentil


  • Membership forms have now been completed for VET and JCP, Educational Outreach is outstanding. Once complete, the Volunteer Portal, Glip Chat and Google Groups memberships will be updated accordingly.

  • Jaz explained that next year’s budget will be affected by the Coronavirus crisis and asked all teams to submit their budget requests for 2020-2021 as soon as possible. 

  • Jaz asked each team leader to create a recurring event schedule on Google Calendar for the team meetings and to invite the team’s Google Group email address. This will hopefully increase awareness and attendance of the meetings.

  • Jaz to create a template for recording team meeting attendance to be populated by the team leaders.

  • A Google Drive folder has been created for each of the team’s to store their documents in. Access to the folder is controlled by the Google Group.


  • Wilco explained in detail the current status of the new exam platform testing and the next steps in the process.


  • Jaz is working on the Community Openings article for the May issue of the Community Magazine.

  • Wilco and Jaz are helping Davide to migrate the team’s project management board from Trello into Github.

  • Davide is continuing to work on the team’s mission statement with Chris and will soon share it for feedback.