By Jaz Parkyn on 2020-09-09 08:18 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Todd Woodward, Andrea Gentil, Davide Messia

Apologies:  None

  • Dept 

    • Jaz reminded all team leaders to ensure that everyone has updated their consent on the Identity Portal.

    • Wilco provided an update from the webmasters team - all users with backend administrator access to the team’s websites will now need to be secure their logins via 2FA

    • Jaz asked each of the team leaders to reach out to anyone within their teams whose activity levels have been low 

  • JCP 

    • Wilco has formally left the JCP team (although he remains in his Webmaster role): We would like to really thank Wilco for all his input and appreciate all the work he has carried out during his time in the JCP. We wish him success with his work outside the JCP!

    • Confirmed Exams: September 11th 2020 -  Zurich, Switzerland and October 16th 2020  - Chicago, USA. 

    • Shika Exam platform status: The platform tests on 23 & 24 August were aborted due to 2 showstoppers. The team will investigate further shortly.

  • VET 

    • With the big help of Chris Keen, VET have finished the first version of Vision and Onboarding documents, and have requested feedback from the rest of the team.

    • Laura and Benjamin are helping the JUG organiser group to create more engagement

    • Davide asked about what is needed to send postcards out to volunteers. Jaz advised and will await further info from the team.

    • VET has contacted Ruchika Nagarkar regarding her ‘Joomla Student Club’ document and has introduced her to the Education Outreach WG. Todd confirmed that she has been invited to the next meeting.

    • Laura and Chris are continuing their analysis of the help wanted page and are creating some wireframes to help better visualise possible changes. 

    • Davide is looking for someone to take over writing the Community Openings magazine article each month.

    • Hugh Douglas-Smith has joined the team as Legal & Finance liaison

    • Patrick Jackson has also joined the team

    • Davide will ask the team if the meeting time should be changed to better suit the members

  • JEO

    • A survey has been sent to members of the Working Group for input so that we can determine a group mission and goals. It will be compiled in time for the September meeting.