By Jaz Parkyn on 2020-10-18 19:01 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Todd Woodward, Andrea Gentil

Apologies:  Davide Messia


  • Dept 

    • Jaz reminded everyone to post the minutes from their meetings on the Volunteer Portal and to reach out to anyone who hasn’t attended any meetings within the past few months.

    • Updates from Webmasters team for the Certification Team:

      • New htaccess updates being implemented soon

      • 2FA plugin will be added and it will be compulsory for anyone to set up 2FA if they have backend access

      • A GitDeploy plugin will be released, which will result in the required use of GitHub for websites - commits done in GitHub will automatically be downloaded by the website.

    • Jaz asked each of the team leaders when their next meetings are and if they would like her to attend.

  • JCP 

    • Exams - There was an exam held on September 11th 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. There were 9 candidates  all of which took the German language version of the exam. Seven of the nine candidates passed. The next planned exam is on October 16th in Chicago, USA.

    • Platform - The blocking issue with the jcpQM (question management system), of not being able to add questions to Shika has been fixed by Jereon (some typos in the code). We will now proceed with further testing of the jcpQM. The issue with Shika - the language strings not being translated is caused by the exam pages in Shika not using standard Joomla text strings. We have discussed this with TechJoomla and they are planning to supply a fix in a release at the end of October. Hopefully we can then restart testing at the beginning of November.

    • Second chance initiative - The Certification FAQs have been updated with rules and discounts available to candidates who fail the exam.

    • J!4 exam - We are now starting work on defining the J!4 Administration exam content.

  • VET 

    • In Davide’s absence, Chris summarised the topics of the last team meeting, including onboarding, recruitment, help wanted page improvements, and meeting time adjustments. He also explained how the team is aiming to make better use of Github for planning and structuring ideas and projects.

  • JEO

    • Todd introduced some of the team’s ideas to the department, including training resource management, the concept of a ‘student club’, outreach to students, onboarding routes, and encouraging student volunteers.

    • The team has also been working on its mission statement following submissions from the team members.