By Jaz Parkyn on 2021-01-06 19:47 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Shirielle Williams, Davide Messia, Todd Woodward, Patrick Jackson, Wilco Alsemgeest 

Apologies: Andrea Gentil



  • Dept 

    • Jaz spoke about the upcoming elections, and reminded attendees to reach out to anyone that they know who might be interested in submitting their names for a role.

    • Quarterly report for the department is in progress.

    • Jaz reminded each of the team leaders of the importance of keeping JVP, Github, Glip and Google Groups up to date with member changes.

  • JCP 

    • Chris Keen was re-elected as team leader for another term.

    • The JCP team has decided to hold 2 meetings a month to help keep tasks progressing smoothly.

    • PHP and Moodle updates have been tested and subsequently replicated on the live server with Wilco’s assistance.

    • Shika and jcpQM platform testing in progress. 

    • The team is starting preparations for the J4 exam questions.

  • VET 

    • Davide expressed his intention to step down from his position as team leader, but will still stay active within the team. Jaz will start the election process for his replacement and thanked Davide for his time as team leader.

    • During the first quarter of 2021, VET will be working on creating a better positioning statement to indicate what their role is, promote their activities and engage with the wider community.

    • Discussion in the VET channel in the past month has indicated that perhaps the team isn’t visible in the community enough, and that the structure is not as effective as it could be.

    • Help Wanted Task - Initially proposed as a project to look at improving the workflow of the Help Wanted section on JVP, the project morphed into an exercise to discover and create a set of User Personas for those participating as contributors to the project. The team will map out items identified for improvement, and then liaise with various teams throughout the project to implement them.

    • Onboarding Task - discussion and recruitment of people involved in various aspects of the process has been taking place throughout 2020 and the first informal meeting was used to go through several documents team members had created with their thoughts on the process. The next meeting will begin formalising the process and identifying common factors.

    • Community Openings JCM Article Task - over the past few months, work has been done on improving the process for finding positions to collate for the monthly JCM Article, which Shirielle Williams has been leading for a few months.

    • Other avenues for improvement on sourcing and following up on positions are being identified as part of the Help Wanted and Onboarding processes, and will be incorporated into the Community Openings process over time - In addition to JCM, suggestions for improvements include preparing information on positions for distribution via SMT and provided in newsletters to JUGs for distribution.

  • JEO

    • Joomla Community Magazine: AK’s article, When the Covid-19 couldn’t stop Students, Joomla triumph in the Arab nation of Oman, has been published in the December issue. SD’s article, Entice, Engage, and Educate in 2021, will hopefully be published in the January issue.

    • The team is investigating implementing a Hub of Shared Training Materials for those who want to teach Joomla.