By Jaz Parkyn on 2021-02-15 20:22 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Shirielle Williams, Davide Messia, Patrick Jackson, Wilco Alsemgeest, 

Apologies: Todd Woodward, Andrea Gentil, 




  • Dept 

    • Jaz reminded everyone to vote in the upcoming OSM elections.

  • JCP 

    • Chris shared an update on each of the team’s main tasks and responsibilities - all of which are progressing well. More information can be found in the team’s last report: 

    • For each of the main four subprojects, each has been assigned to a ‘project leader’ who is responsible for making a plan and assisting the team in meeting the defined deadlines. These subprojects are: implementing Shika, updating the current J!3 exam to j!3.10, implementing a Question Management System (QMS), and creating the J!4 exam.

  • VET 

    • Patrick Jackson has been elected as the new team leader. Thank you to Davide Messia for his time in the role. An assistant team leader will shortly be voted in by the team.

    • VET are continuing to work on their team Mission, Values and Goals statement, plus the addition of the Onboarding document. They will also look at further defining the role of the Department Representatives within the team. 

    • Patrick shared an update on the team’s current projects, with sub-meetings on each due within the next few weeks. More information can be found in the latest team report: 

  • JEO

    • Shirielle summarised the team’s last meeting, more information here: 

    • The team is exploring the range of next steps available in their journey of creating a hub of educational resources, and the format in which this could be made available. 

    • They aim to publish an article in the March edition of the Community Magazine, authored by Laura.