By Jaz Parkyn on 2021-04-19 11:30 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Patrick Jackson, Wilco Alsemgeest, Todd Woodward, Shirielle Williams




  • Dept 

    • Reviewed the meeting time to check that it is held at a time that is suitable for all department members following the summer/winter time zone changes. The meeting will remain at 20:00 UTC

    • The department member list was reviewed and is up to date. When JCP and VET have elected assistant team leaders, it will be updated again.

    • Jaz reminded everyone to double check the formatting of their meeting minutes after publishing due to copy-and-paste formatting that can affect the readability of the minutes, especially on mobile devices. 

  • JCP 

    • Chris is working with Andrea regarding the handover of the Operational and Marketing processes.

    • Certification Program: team meeting - March 17th, 2021 

    • The team has published two short blog posts on the Certification site:

      • Why are there no exam sessions available at the moment?

      • Online exams - why does Joomla not offer online exams?

    • Jeroen is reviewing the question translation systems for compatibility issues.

    • The team has two volunteers for the Exam Maintainer role, they will be able to start the process at the end of April.

  • VET 

  • JEO

    • The team has started to work on a plan for their educational materials hub.

  • JTP

    • Patrick has joined the team and will work with the VET to help recruit and onboard volunteers to the team.

  • Other business

    • The department reviewed the User Group Coordinators page on the Volunteer Portal and will provide names to Wilco or Luca for people to be listed and recognised for their contributions.