By Jaz Parkyn on 2021-08-16 13:22 in Programs

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Chris Keen, Patrick Jackson, Wilco Alsemgeest


  • Dept  - Jaz

    • Jaz asked all teams to ensure that all team meeting minutes are published on JVP
  • JCP - Chris

    • The team's main focus will be on J!4 exams.
    • QMS will be updated to J!4. We hope to implement the workflow features of J!4 to help us (re)writing, reviewing and adding new Q&A’s for the J!4 Administrator Exam.
    • Q&A’s will also be tagged if suitable for the proposed Content Manager exam.
    • Still no reaction to our call for volunteers!
  • VET - Patrick

    • Significant change moved regarding Department Representatives - the role will be retired going forward. Department Coordinators and Members can approach the VET and are welcome to join and attend any VET meeting to put forward projects and communicate requirements for their departments. With the current makeup of the VET including members from most departments, the flow of information now reverses with the VET going back to departments going forward through team members.
    • Onboarding Project: Request for access to made with Wilco for Onboarding team to allow access for updating Contribute to Joomla content. Team meets this coming weekend so access before or shortly after times well.
    • Community Openings - Low response rate on Community Openings articles, so SD & Patrick are proposing additional ways forward.

  • JTP - Wilco

    • Crowdin started a student program for Ukrainian translations and selected our projects to translate everything. The students will receive a certificate from Crowdin with Joomla.
    • An issue with XML files breaking (existing for a few years) because certain strings were translated manually or automatically is solved, with a XML definition method.
    • Volunteers have been helping by adding comments to the source strings to give some additional information to translators in the Crowdin system.
    • J3.10 will be added soon to the older Crowdin system, so the translations can be finished before the release of the product.