Q: What is a "Joomler"?

A: Joomlers are volunteers that contribute to the Joomla project.

Q: How can I edit my Joomler profile?

A: Make sure you are registered on the website, then log-in and go to your own Joomler profile. Click on the "Edit Profile" button at the right top of your Joomler profile to edit.


Q: My team is missing. Can it be added?

A: Yes, please contact the Department responsible for your team and ask them to create your team.

Q: How can we edit the Team information?

A: Team Leaders and Departmental Coordinators can edit the team information by clicking on the "Edit Team" button at the right top of the team page.

Team Members

Q: I am a member of a team, how can I be listed as group member?

A: Make sure you are registered on this website as a Joomler. Then ask your team leader or departmental coordinator to add you to the members list of the team.

Q: Who can manage the team members?

A: Team leaders and Departmental Coordinators can manage the members of a team.

Q:I want to add a person to a team, but they are is not in the list of Joomlers

A: In that case the Joomler hasn't registered on this website yet. Ask them to register, after that you can add them to the team.

Q: A team member leaves the team, how can I remove the team member from the members list?

You can edit the member of your team. If you set the "Date Ended" date the Joomler will be placed on the "Honor Roll" tab instead of the active team member list.


Q: Where can I report bugs & feature request?

A: The Volunteers Portal code is published on Github for community contributions: You can report bugs and feature requests in the Issue tracker: You can also join the public volunteer-portal channel on

Q: I want to help to improve the Volunteers Portal, how can I join?

A: We're currently looking for team members to join the Volunteer Portal Team.