Advisory Board Official

The Advisory Board would consist of 3-9 people, and their role would be to offer advice and input to the Board of Directors on matters of importance. The Advisory Board has no voting power in the organization, but has the right to put an item on the agenda of the next meeting of the Board of Directors. By giving the Advisory Board this privilege, it allows them to put focus on issues of great importance. In order to add an item to the agenda of the Board of Directors there needs to be a majority vote with a valid quorum in an Advisory Board meeting.

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Ombudsman Official

The role of the ombudsman structure is to act as an oversight and appeals function for the community at a large.

The ombudsman structure will be the appeals option for teams that have been dissolved, or individuals who have been removed from a position due to breach of COI or by vote of no confidence.

Code of Conduct (CoC) is also handled by the ombudsman structure. If anyone is seen or believed to have breached the Code of Conduct they can report it to the ombudsman structure that will then deal with it and assess it. If it is found to be assessed as there has been a breach of the CoC the ombudsman can put the case on the next meeting of the Board of Directors for handling.

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