By Private Profile 2acc0fde on 2015-02-23 15:54 in CMS Maintenance Team

As part of the previously announced shutdown of, we are looking to establish a static archive of Joomla's issues from our years of using that system so that data is not lost.  At present, we have a component which is already able to read the issue data from the JoomlaCode SOAP API and stores this in the database of a normal Joomla installation.  However, this component was previously used for other purposes and wasn't fully designed to serve as a public archive.  Therefore, we need some assistance in updating the component's code to make this viable.

Skills required:

  • Familiarity with the Joomla! CMS and its API, to include the MVC layer, database layer (JTable and JDatabaseDriver), and routing.  The component will be published on a Joomla! 3.x website with a MySQL database and is not distributed, so it can be optimized as appropriate.
  • Ability to follow the documentation of JoomlaCode's SOAP API if needing to alter the existing GForge wrapper classes
  • Familiarity with Bootstrap to create an appropriate user interface

If interested, please contact me (contact details are available on my profile) for more information.