By Puneet Kala on 2015-02-25 16:36 in Automated Testing Team

8th Meeting for Automated Testing working Group,

Meeting was attended by:

Puneet Kala, Javier Gomez, Valerie Isaksen, David Jardin, Kshitij Sharma, Viktor Vogel

Topics Covered in the Meeting:

  1. Javier updated about the status of Current System Tests suite, we have merged all the code from GSOC and latest changes to the Joomla-cms repository, this is the link to the PR which was done , from now on for any changes in the system test suite, PR's would be done directly on, Kshitij has taken up the task to run test suite once every week and make sure nothing is broken. 
  2. David Jardin presented the progress that they have made running system tests on Docker Containers. Javier, Puneet and Kshitij would work together this week and provide them a list of 6-7 smaller suites to run on different Containers in parallel which would reduce the time of test execution. 
  3. Javier presented his progress on writing Codeception tests for Weblinks, he has made a significant progress and would be completing the task in next few weeks.
  4. Valerie and Kshitij Will continue helping in documentation
  5. Robert will Invite members from all the testing groups on Slack/Glip into one.
  6. Javier informed group about the idea's for GSOC 2015, Javier and Puneet are possible mentor's on two projects related to building System Tests with Codeception framework. Here is the link for the Idea's Page 

Next meeting is planned to happen on 25th Feb, 2015 at

Complete Notes of today's meeting can be found here: