By Roland Dalmulder on 2015-03-16 11:21 in Bug Squad

Last Sunday, March 15th, we held a bug squash session at Joomla Day Boston. It was by no means a session of big numbers, the opposite actually, we only had 6-7 people there. However this doesn't mean it was not successful, we booked some great results.

Joining our session was Anita, she was a first time bug squasher and oh boy did she squash a bug or two. While testing an existing bug report, Anita found another issue. After completing the test on the existing bug report Anita went to work on the issue she found. After thorough testing it was an actual issue she created an elaborate bug report with a description, test instructions and screenshots to clarify the issue.

What nobody knew at the bug squash session was that this was in fact a long standing issue that nobody knew how to easily fix. After Anita posted the issue Viktor went to work and created a patch and that worked out fine. The issue got tested the same day by 2 people and we merged the tested change.

A victory for introducing bug squashing to a new comer who could see the full process at work. Anitas' and Viktors' work will be seen by everybody that is using RTL languages with Joomla.

There is more, this was also the first day we used our new PBF test server build by Jisse. The test server allows us to get participants of bug squash events to get up and running within minutes. With a single click of a button a site will be created with the latest version of Joomla from GitHub and comes pre-installed with the patchtester. As this was the first time we used it in a live environment it was a good test case with a few people. Lessons are learnt and we will update the test server with our findings.

Thank you Jisse for building this PBF test server, it really made a difference.

Looking back I am happy with the result of the bug squash session, it isn't always in the numbers and we have proven that. Looking forward to the next bug squash session.

Joomla! Rocks!