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Combined report of the following done Production Leadership Meetings:

  • Feb 19th, 2015
  • Mar 9th, 2015 (special meeting for roles and responsibilities)
  • Mar 23th, 2015


Topic: Joomla 3.4.2 (George)

3.4.2 will soon be released to fix some issues identified at 3.4.1., a Pagination issue is one of them.


Topic: Status of Joomla 3.5 (Roberto/George)

Notes from Roberto (Joomla 3.5 release leader)


The goal for Joomla 3.5 is to make sure that everything in joomla can be overriden and (if possible) using the same way. 


And that's where we are now. I've been discussing with George about the best way to achieve this mainly because backwards compatibility. The original idea was to use current JLayout with some improvements but ensuring that a custom renderer can be used to replace it in the future with a more advanced system (which is the natural evolution).


For that there are mainly two issues:


- Current layouts are not receiving the same kind of data. Ideally we should use arrays but mainly in views the view is being passed to layouts and view functions are used inside. 

- Linked to the previous issue is that existing overrides have to work with any system that we use.


So the options are:


- Find the way to make JLayout B/C with current overrides.

- Check if an override exists for the current view and if so use the current rendering system. If not switch to the new rendering system.


Additionaly if we are going to change the rendering system we may use a better designed rendering system using interfaces to allow developers to replace it with any other rendering system already available like Twig, Blade or whatever developers want to use. My original idea was to create something like Michael did in his Joomla Next. A Joomla rendered based in the current JLayout but architechturally improved.


Once that is solved there is a ton of issues to create and assign. I want to create tons of small tasks like "Convert field to Layout", "Convert module to Layout", etc. Anybody without needing to understand the main concept will be able to collaborate picking any of those small tasks. 


So the steps are:


1. Prepare and test the rendering system.

2. Migrate one of the different parts that need to use the new renderer to use them as example to follow to other devs.

3. Create the documentation to spread how this new rendering system works and has to be used.

4. Create the small tasks

5. Get the people working on the tasks.


My idea was that to be able to "disconnect" actively from the development at point 4 and then be able to review other features that people wants to see in v3.5 like:


- New routing system 

- New media manager

- Core CCK.


I hope that 2 first are inside. Third is on the air. 


More at:



Topic: Status of Joomla 3.6 (Chris)

A Roadmap for Webservices Feature added at Joomla 3.6 was recently released and shared at the Webservices working group



Topic: Looking forward to Joomla 4.0 (George, 5 mins)

A concept was shared by Michael at the Developers Mail list:!topic/joomla-dev-cms/Zhkilq_uRNI



Topic: Status of the Framework (George, 5 mins)

George and Michael have been working hard on the packages but no official release date for the moment.


The roadmap was published in February:



Topic: JED + Webinstaller


There are still some bugs to be fixed before publish it back.



Topic: JoomlaCode removal (Thomas)

JoomlaCode is closing:


Work in progress is being done mainly by Michael with help of Tom, George and Nicholas to build an alternative site for Language Packages. 


We need volunteers to help on this area:



Topic: Moving extensions out of core

Work in progress as described in the CMS Roadmap

After moving Weblinks to it's own repo next will be com_messages


Topic: Team membership renewals

Tom and Javier have renewed their terms for one more year (until January 2016).

David Hurley stepped down from PLT after the release of 3.4 and will focus on his other responsibilities.



Topic: PLT budget

OSM approved the PLT budget for 2015



Topic: Joomla Code Sprints

The Code Sprints policy has been published at:



Topic: Next meeting (javier)

After march meeting we are back to our normal schedule for PLT meetings, being the 3rd thursday of each month


Topic: Grace Hopper (George)

We want to participate again this year in Jessica will follow up with David and Ruth and other community members.


Topic: Moving to Glip (Javier)

all teams under PLT responsibility have to be moved from Slack to Glip chat. Except the Joomla Bug Squad that for the moment will remain at Skype (this is still under discussion).


Topic: PLT meeting at JAB

PLT agreed to meet in person after Jandbeyond event. Agenda for the event is being discussed but main topics will be Goals for 2016 and Roadmaps for our products.



Topic: PBF Status Report - Roland

See:, and



Topic: Update Working Group (Tom)

Now that 2.5 is EOS, moving towards reminiding users to update (2.5 and 1.5 as needed) installations with monthly articles in 


Jacques formally resigned as team leader beginning of last week. We will work on finding a new team leader and on  reaffirming the deliverables (goals) of this group


Automated Testing / Build Environment (Javier/Robert)

The Automated Testing WG are setting up a new testing environment for running tests on PR with 3 servers, hoping that we can run the whole suite on each PR (including the system tests). That would make free for other jobs.

Details are being published at reports


PLT responsibilities And Structure review

PLT has internally documented all the responsibilities and positions. Positions is been reviewed and reassigned. Work is being done in teams under PLT