Yiannis Christodoulou

Limassol, Cyprus

Hi all, I am Yiannis Christodoulou. I'm 29 years old and I was born in Rhodes Island of Greece. I live in Cyprus since January 2011. I'm a PHP Developer and a Joomla! enthusiast. I like to build apps with Joomla! Also a traveller, a dreamer, a food lover, and a video gamer :) Founder & Lead Web Developer at: Web357 - Joomla! Extensions & Services.

10 wonderful years with Joomla. I remember, I was a student when I started to build my first website with HTML. I didn't know PHP/MySql at all. Then I found Joomla, a CMS based on PHP. I tried to quickly learn the basics of PHP. If you love what you do, you learn faster. After PHP, it took, no more of six weeks to enter the Joomla world. Since then, I'm with Joomla 10 years. I have made amazing things with Joomla. More than 40 sites for clients, about 60 custom extensions, 5 premium extensions and 6 free extensions. Now Joomla is the main source of my income.

Thank you for everything Joomla!

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