Team Position Role Date Started
Certification Ambassadors Contributor Trusted Supervisor Jan 2022
Community Magazine Team Contributor Editorial Staff Oct 2021
Joomla! Resources Language Team Contributor Spanish Proofreader Aug 2021
Webmasters Team Contributor Magazine Liaison May 2020
Marketing Local Community Liaison Member Liaison for Spain Nov 2018
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Operations Department Member May 2020 Oct 2021
Community Magazine Team Team Leader Deputy Editor Apr 2020 Oct 2021
Community Magazine Team Member Feb 2020 Apr 2020
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Member Mar 2020 Apr 2020
Joomla 4 Marketing Team Assistant Team Leader Copywriters Feb 2020 Jul 2020
Certification Team Assistant Team Leader Operations & Marketing - Team Leader Feb 2019 Mar 2021
Marketing Team Contributor Spain Liaison Nov 2018 Jan 2019
Certification Operations & Marketing Team Assistant Team Leader Nov 2017 Feb 2019
Certification Ambassadors Team Leader Trusted Supervisor Nov 2017 Jan 2022
Certification Ambassadors Member Aug 2017 Nov 2017
Certification Operations Team Member Ambassadors Relations Aug 2017 Nov 2017
Certification Team Member Sep 2016 Feb 2019
Certification Marketing Team Assistant Team Leader Marketeer Feb 2016 Nov 2017
Mobile Apps Team Member Nov 2015 Dec 2016

In 2008, I worked for an oil company in Quality, Environment, and Safety Management, with a background in Chemistry. I needed a change, motivated in part by the birth of my second daughter. At the same time, Anibal (Sanchez, husband, and partner) wanted to change his job, so we thought we could combine our two areas of expertise at that time, technology and management, into a business. That was the birth of Oquma, a document manager, made with...Joomla. Over time, we started to develop extensions, and our own business changed and evolved. I started to work more on the marketing side (leaving chemistry completely behind) and get to know the community. Around 2016 I joined the Certification team and began to get more involved with the community, which is what I really love about Joomla.

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