Tom van der Laan

Sittard, Netherlands

Self-employed webdesigner, graphic designer, webhoster, photographer. Husband and father of three kids. Classic car enthousiast. Burger lover! haha

Team Position Role Date Started
Marketing Team Team Leader Oct 2023
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Marketing Team Assistant Team Leader Aug 2022 Oct 2023
Marketing Team Member Mar 2022 Aug 2022
Extensions Directory Team Member Listing Specialist Apr 2021 Apr 2022

I learned webdesign from this english website that teached webdesign to kids. I forgot the name. If anyone recalls it, let me know! My first website i made when i was 16 or so and it was about this fancy mountainbike i bought. I was always interested in computers and webdesign.

When i was 22 a friend asked if i could create a website. I hadn't done it in years but i decided it would be a fun project. After finishing that project i started my own "company". I decided to use Joomla 1.5 for my own website and never looked back. In the early years it was something i did on the side. But when i finished school in 2012 i decided not to find a job but instead go full-time on my own business. I always stuck with joomla as that is what i knew.

Since 2015 i've started to begin coding. Did some online web developer courses and started making the most "hacky" components you can think of. Just a simple view with everything inside the template file.. It worked but when i think back of those early coding days. WOW... no other words can describe that. Since 2019 i started creating real extensions for clients. custom work. That is how i ended up with JCB and today i'm still using and learning every day. Love making overrides and try to push what can be done with just the core. 

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