Milton Bryant

Raleigh, United States

A generalist who loves to learn and help others.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Automated Testing Team Member Nov 2014 Nov 2016
In 2010 I became involved part-time with Polished Geek on a contracting basis and thus, was initially exposed to Joomla. It was only in 2011, when I joined the team full-time and had gotten a good look all around and a few of the mailing lists did I realize that there was a lot happening with Joomla that wasn't vibrantly apparent to the public.

I attended my first JoomlaDay at JoomlaDay Chicago in 2012 and it was during those moments that the full breadth of the Joomla "Family" idea hit me. I became legitimately interested and invested in the individuals: through exchanges with people like Brian Teeman, I got to understand more about the Joomla's origins, which augmented my desire to be invested in the project itself. The relentless inspiration that hit me when I flew home prompted me to better understand how I can help the project flourish and connect with those who have the urge to work on something big and help others.

Since that day, I've extended my skills in whatever way I could to help the project in any way that has fit: whether I help test patches, or mold documentation, or planning and organizing during events.

Someday soon, I hope to be able to contribute in more concrete or defined ways.

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