Djamel Kherbi

Algiers, Algeria

My name is Djamel, I’m from the city of Algiers (Algeria) working as Radio producer on the public national radio of Algeria, involved also in the web and Joomla!,member as volunteer of the User Groups Team since August 2015.

Team Position Role Date Started
Conflict Resolution Team Member Jan 2020
PBF Organization Working Group Member Feb 2020
Global Events Fund Working Group Member Jan 2019
Events Team Member Department Coordinator Sep 2018
User Groups Team Assistant Team Leader Department Coordinator Sep 2018
Events Department Coordinator Sep 2018
Trademark & Licensing Team Contributor Liaison Jan 2018
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
African Joomla Conference Member Aug 2017 Oct 2018
User Groups Team Team Leader Aug 2015 Sep 2018

In 2004 I made my first web site using the CMS Mambo, the site was for a friend, but I get really involved with Joomla! In 2010, starting to learn Joomla! In all the aspects, focusing my skills to administration and all the technical aspect regarding the installation, the day to day work and update, in 2013 I decided to create the second Joomla! User Group in Algeria, the Joomla! User group Alger, our jug is located in the city of Algiers, our goal is to spread Joomla! Making meetings and workshops. I think by myself that I can help the community, sharing my experience with Joomla!, helping beginners, answering question in all the technical aspect regarding the administration of a web site.

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