Pascal Geiger

Even as a child, I was very interested in technology and, for example, disassembled everything electrical. It was then either the electric shock from the socket or the realization that something that has been disassembled only works again if it is put back together correctly, which made me learn more about technology. This interest has always accompanied me and has remained to this day.

Team Position Role Date Started
Community Sites Team Member Jul 2022

Originally born out of a hobby, I've been working on online projects since 2009. Although I work full-time as a surveying technician, I still enjoy developing websites, which is why I like doing this part-time job.

I have always worked with the "Joomla!" CMS and have implemented both small and complex projects with it. It's been over 10 years since I started with Joomla 1.5 and I'm still amazed by the extensive, flexible and easy-to-learn possibilities of this open source content management system, which has constantly improved over time - and I never stop learning! It's just fun when you want to implement an idea and the system used supports you in everything instead of getting in the way!

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