Curt Akin

Mount Vision, NY, United States

In 1958, with a degree in Physical Chemistry, I was working for a publisher of technical magazines. For a monthly on automation, I was asked if I understood petroleum refining and how computers were involvedf. I said "no" on both counts, but that I was a fast learner, and that was my introduction to the world of computing; I've been in it ever since until I retired in 1992, then again in 2008, then again...who knows?

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Bug Squad Member Jul 2016 Nov 2016
In 1996, I got into Web site management/design/etc and did some probono work for not for profits. A publisher of a fiber magazine ( asked if I would help her with the design of her site and that she was looking at Joomla and Drupal for environments. We flipped a coin; it came up Joomla, and I've been a devote ever since. Joomla makes things fun again!

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