Troy Hall

Ponca City, United States

JBS member and sometime coder. I tend to find odd bugs when trying to tweak things and then strive to fix them.

Team Position Role Date Started
Bug Squad Member Nov 2010
Extensions Directory Team Member Listing Specialist Sep 2017

I first got involved during the Mambo days just before Joomla forked from Mambo. I needed something better then "Frontpage" to build my sites with and saw that Joomla had great potential. I've never looked back.

I've been involved with the bug squad starting with the creation of 1.6 and have a few simple extensions in JED. Pretty much all of my php knowledge has been thanks to working with Joomla and learning how it works.

I currently spend most of my time maintaining various Joomla sites, doing few bug squashes when I think I can understand them and dreaming of writing that ONE magical extension that everyone needs.

Someday I'd love to be able to go to the various Joomla conferences around the world to meet these folks I work with and enhance my Joomla knowledge.

My current passion is mastering the intracacies of the Joomla Template system specifically as it relates to Bootstrap, Grid, & Flex.

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