Jonathan Magoga

Tokyo, Japan

Product Designer and frontend developer with 20+ years of success designing user interfaces and user experiences for complex AI, web, mobile, and cloud solutions.

Team Position Role Date Started
Joomla Accessibility Team Member Liaison Feb 2024
Joomla Experience Team Team Leader Nov 2023
Production Department Member Nov 2023
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Joomla Experience Team Member Sep 2023 Nov 2023
Joomla Experience Team Contributor UX Strategist Sep 2023 Sep 2023
Joomla Accessibility Team Contributor Liaison Sep 2017 Nov 2017
Joomla X Architecture Member UX liason Aug 2017 Mar 2019
Joomla Accessibility Team Member Liaison Aug 2017 Sep 2017
User Experience Team Team Leader Team Lead Jul 2017 Nov 2017
User Experience Team Member JUX Team Member Feb 2017 Jul 2017

I started using Joomla in 2009, when I started looking beyond Flash, right after a brief stint with Xoops. I was searching for something that would allow me to do interesting, connected, and dynamic websites. Joomla's ease of use and flexibility impressed me (after 2.5, mind you), and I've been using it to build increasingly complex websites, intranets, and as a server for several apps.

Back then, Flash gave me utter freedom of interface and design, and I tried to bring that to the "square-ish" world of good old HTML. Gladly, things evolved, and now I can design beautiful, interesting, and captivating user interactions with HTML5 and beyond.

Joomla gave me the power to build anything and everything, and I believe that with care and dedication, I can make it look and feel awesome. I'm really happy with how Joomla have been evolving in the past few years, and I hope I can help shape its future.

I build essentially with K2, which allows me to achieve very complex layouts with intricate art direction, while retaining the end user ability to manage without technical knowledge.

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