Abdulkadir Shehu


I am a practicing Joomla! trainer, Author, Lecturer and Youth Entrepreneurship advocate in Africa especially in Nigeria. I have been teaching Joomla! since 2009. I love sharing my Joomla knowledge with people particularly the Youths, and Students. I am currently promoting the use of Joomla! in Nigeria or anywhere i find myself around the world.

Team Position Role Date Started
Educational Outreach Contributor Apr 2020

I learnd Joomla! the hard way back in 2009. However, now i am contributing to any community that i find myself by teaching Joomla the easy way so that others will not go through the difficult learning process i experienced when i was new to Joomla!

I am happy to have gained the Joomla knowledge and i hope to teach as many people as possible not only in my local community but around the world.

So far my experience with Joomla is great and i hope it will continue to be great.... especially with the wonderful community that Joomla has.


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