Randy Carey

St. Paul, United States

I'm a software engineer who loves code-level web development and the philosophical side of the web (content, content strategy, user experience, etc). My passion is to improve website content management. Working as an independent, my "job" involves developing websites for clients, developing custom web applications as a consultant, and developing extensions for the JED.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Community Magazine Team Member Jan 2012 Feb 2020

I started building Joomla sites in 2009 and registered on the Joomla forum that Spring. After participating in my first Joomla Day (November 2011) I decided to get more involved in this community. Since then I have been submitting articles to the Joomla Community Magazine (JCM). Whenever attending a Joomla event I always submit a proposal to present a workshop. Brian Teeman once challenged the audience to answer questions on the forums, so from time-to-time I will review questions in the Administrator and ACL sections, select challenging or unanswered questions, and try to respond with a thorough answer (sometimes developing and sharing code solutions). I also develop and share extensions. In 2014 I was asked to lead the migration project for the Joomla Community Magazine, with the title of "migration lead and content strategist." All during this time I have been enjoying new friendships within the Joomla network and have been rewarded with satisfaction from sharing through writing, presenting, and answering questions.

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