Alexandre ELISÉ


Hi Joomlers! My name is Alexandre ELISÉ, I am a French web developer based in Martinique. I am fond of new technologies like AR and VR and I am fascinated by artificial intelligence. I am currently working on a platform to gather small businesses together with a small team.

In my early developer days, I used to code web apps in pure php with no framework or whatsover. It was really a pain. Then I tried to develop plugins for Prestashop, modules for Drupal, modules for Wordpress. I thought that Wordpress was easy and Drupal the best CMS out there. When one day a friend of mine told me to try Joomla because He finds it great. And since then I couldn't stop using Joomla and try to improve my knowledge and skills of Joomla. Getting involved with the community as a Joomler and share what I learned and maybe making some Joomlers friends along the way. Hopefully know Joomla better.

Take care everybody!

Have a nice day.

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