Jason Nickerson

Tampa, United States

Jason Nickerson is the founder of Monev Software LLC / Joomlaxtc.com A Joomla! volunteer and contributor, Jason currently heads up the Legal and Finance department of OSM and is the organizer of the Tampa Joomla Users Group and the annual JoomlaDay Florida.

Team Position Role Date Started
Capital Team Team Leader Apr 2018
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Legal & Financial Department Coordinator Mar 2019 Feb 2020
Capital Team Member Nov 2017 Apr 2018
Capital Team Contributor Feb 2017 Nov 2017
Showcase Directory Team Member Comment & Site Moderator Mar 2015 Nov 2017

My story starts back in the early ’80s with some of the first desktop computers and a modem. I saw first had the best of what an online community could be by visiting online BBS’s and eventually running my own BBS. By my 20’s, my focus had changed to music. 

In 1993 I found my entrepreneurial spirit and opened a brick and mortar record store. Throughout the 90’s I moved up the ladder of the music industry from record store owner to distribution and ended up in 1999 doing A&R for the creator of Spider-Man - Stan Lee and his media company, Stan Lee Media. 

In the 2000’s I focused on music production and then came full circle in 2003 with an online electronic / DJ based record label. The record label forced me to learn web design, HTML, and PHP. An online record label was a revolutionary idea, but iTunes soon changed everything. My focus quickly turned from music to web development.  

In 2007, I found Joomla. Already an experienced web designer, I needed to finish a project that had been dragging on for months and decided to do a Google search for a quick solution, and I discovered Joomla!, this changed my life forever. Since that day I have never built a website without Joomla.  

In 2008 I decided to leave client work behind and create a Joomla Template and Extension club and called upon the most talented people I knew and formed joomlaxtc.com. I had no idea what was about to happen. My past websites and e-commerce experience told me not to expect much, but thanks in part to the Joomla Extension Directory within the first month online Joomlaxtc was more successful than any of my online ventures combined. By 2010, Joomlaxtc was one of the top providers for Joomla Templates and Extensions.   

In 2014 I began giving back to the community by forming and Tampa Joomla User Group and speaking at Joomla events including JoomlaDay Boston, JoomlaDay Minnesota, JoomlaDay Chicago, and even WordCamp Miami.    

By 2016 I was the organizer of JoomlaDay Florida.  My participation has also seen me working the Joomla expo booth at HostingCon Global 2016 and 2017, Davinci Faire 2017, WHD USA 2017, and as a featured speaker at Joomla World Conference 2016. A previous Site Showcase team member, I was nominated for secretary of the OSM board in 2017, Capital Team Team Lead in 2018 and currently part of OSM as Legal and Finance director.  I am a Joomler, and this is how Joomla changed my life. 

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