Nate Bauman

Lebanon, United States

Hello! I'm an aspiring graphic and web designer currently enrolled in college to obtain an English degree.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
JWC A/V Team Member Oct 2016 Aug 2017

My first experience with Joomla was soon after I took a class in highschool for web design. No, they didn't teach me to use Joomla in school, but they taught me HTML. That was enough for a local ministry to take me in and show me how to use and navigate their Joomla website. I've been using Joomla ever since.

I was honored to meet a man named Brian Peat as a result of working for the ministry and he introduced me to the Joomla community. He showed me that Joomla was the result of much volunteer work; that there are many individuals from all over the world coming together to create a wonderful open source project that is available to anyone that has the desire to use it.

That realization was empowering for me. I wanted to know how I could help. I asked Brian if there was a way for me to help this community in some way and he told me about the Joomla World Conference. Because I've had some experience running cameras and editing videos at small events, Brian was able to bring me on to the A/V team for the Joomla World Conference in 2016 at Vancouver, BC Canada.

While waiting for the conference, Brian had shown me some of the work that was going into it. What particularly came to my attention was the program guide for the event. It was written in English, but from what I assume was many different individuals whom used English as their second language. There were many grammar mistakes and errors throughout the guide. I asked Brian if I would be allowed to proofread the program guide as well as requesting an email address to whom I could send the changes to. Brian directed me to Mathias Jensen, whom was working on the program guide at that time, and I sent a detailed account of the corrections as well as reasons as to why some of the less obvious mistakes needed to be corrected. I was given a thanks, and was later able to meet with Mathias and the rest of the team at the Joomla World Conference 2016.

Thank you for reading my Joomla Story thus far! My story is far from over as I hope to keep expanding it as the years go on and my support within the community grows.

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