Christiane Maier-Stadtherr


I am computer scientist and always was interested in user friendly GUIs. I found Joomla in 2008 and it was love. Working on a private website for an organistion of wheelchair users I learnt how to program in Joomla. So I now enjoy contributing to this great CMS.

Team Position Role Date Started
CMS Maintenance Team Member Oct 2020
Frontend Template Working Group Team Leader Jul 2020
Frontend Template Working Group Member Jul 2020
PBF Organization Working Group Member Website Admin Feb 2020
Bug Squad Member Jan 2020
JAT- Implementation & Development Member Nov 2017
Workflow Working Group Member PHP Programmer Jul 2018
Joomla Accessibility Team Contributor Accessibility Developer Jun 2017
Joomla Accessibility Team Member Accessibility Documentation and Tutorials Apr 2017
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
J4 Backend Template Working Group Member Nov 2018 Aug 2019
Workflow Working Group Assistant Team Leader PHP Programmer Aug 2018 Jun 2020
GSoC 18 Multi-language Association Member Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
JAT - Advisory & Testing Contributor Accessibility Tester / Auditor Oct 2017 Jan 2020
Marketing Product Release Management Team Member Jul 2016 Apr 2018

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