Lauro Guedes

Guanhães, Brazil

Hi, I'm Lauro Weleson better known as Léo WG and I've been working in this world for 10 years. I've always been fascinated with web technologies, design and user experience, I try in my day to day to apply these passions in everything I do. Today I am a website manager in a technology startup.

My story with Joomla is pretty funny. I did not like joomla, for a long time I did my projects on the same hand until one point that I was not able to develop them anymore, so I started searching for cms to help with the work, that's when I came across joomla For the first time, was in version 1.5. The first impression I had was that it was a very annoying system to work with and when the first problems arose I was soon leaving. So I went to wordpress, I had a good time with it, but then I had a big problem in a specific case and asked for community help and they simply ignored me. So I was really annoyed with this situation and made another attempt with joomla, but I committed myself to learn and to enter of head. When the problems appeared the community always welcomed me and with that I fell in love with the CMS and did not let go anymore. Today 100% of my projects are made in joomla, without doubt it is an incredible system.

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